The Client shall be entitled to immediately and without liability either suspend or withdraw provision of the services in the event of:


  • Major non–conformance(s) or effective corrective action not implemented within a specified time period.

  • Improper use of the certificate, symbol, or logo not remedied to the satisfaction of AFIC Halal Authority

  • Certified client ceases to supply services of the certified quality for an extended period of time.

  • Certified client has persistently failed to meet any of the requirements for certification including requirements for the effectiveness.

  • Certified client fails to meet financial obligations to AFIC Halal Authority

  • Certified client makes a formal request to withdraw certification.

  • Infringement by the certified client of any contractual conditions between the certified client and AFIC Halal Authority

  • Certified client is unable or unwilling to ensure conformance to revisions of standards.

  • Existence of a serious complaint, or a large number of second or third-party complaints, which indicate that the system is not being maintained.

  • Certified client does not allow periodic evaluation to be conducted at the required frequency

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