Quality Policy 


We are committed to engaging all stakeholders with high levels of integrity, open, clear and regular communication and unambiguous service definitions. We are also committed to ensuring our clients regard us as highly professional, easy to work with and flexible to their changing needs.


We strive to ensure our clients receive exceptional value for their money when dealing with us and, in so doing, ensure long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.


The principles underpinning our Quality Policy are:

  • Individual acceptance of accountability and responsibility for delivering our services correctly and professionally.

  • Making every effort to follow all agreed customer, accreditation and statutory requirements

  • Continual monitoring and reporting of our service quality and performance indicators

  • Recognition of individuals in our organisation who demonstrate excellence or innovation in what they do.


We maintain a Management System that complies with the requirements of ISO17065 (Option A)


Our quality objectives are to:

  • Deliver services to our clients consistently, reliably, efficiently, on time and on budget

  • Resolve client, employee and supplier queries promptly and in a friendly manner.

  • Give our clients the utmost confidence in our capability and professionalism and in our ability to deliver the agreed services.


To achieve these objectives we shall act to:

  • Ensure high levels of peer review and management oversight in all operational aspects.

  • Continually engage all stakeholders, especially clients and employees, in meaningful consultation and communication.

  • Measure our performance and use this information for the continual improvement of our services and management system.

  • Ensure ongoing professional development and learning at work


Our Quality Policy is applicable to all employees and to any person or organisation that represents us in the conduct of their activities for and on our behalf. It expresses the ongoing commitment by AFIC Halal Certification’s management and staff to understand, regularly review and continually implement these actions.