General Guideline on Certification

The table below provides an outline of the basic process for Halal Certification.




The costs of certification include administration costs, a, desktop audit, a site audit and the cost attached to the certification license itself.  These are all determined by three factors:

  • The nature of the product being certified

  • The size and complexity of the applicant’s production

  • The number of products being certified.


AFIC Halal Authority operates in accordance with the requirements of ISO17065 and we use that standard as a general guide to determine the time necessary to complete our audit functions.


We are unable to provide a prospective client with a cost of certification until such time as they have completed their initial application and we have the information needed to assess the work effort required.  For some clients this may also entail a face-to-face meeting to better understand their operations and needs.


Subsequent Years

AFIC Halal Authority provides clients with a three year Certification License subject to surveillance audits which may be annually, or more frequently, depending on the nature of the operations.  This allows us to provide discounted rates for administration and certification license fees for years 2 and 3 provided the operational processes have not changed.


Product Fees

Part of the costs of certification may include a fee per product category or line.  This depends on the nature and size of operations.  Your Certification License will either be site based, which tells your customers that everything produced at that site is Halal, or it will list the products that we have certified as Halal.  Where we list products on the Certificate itself this will generally be when a product fee is required.  During the term of your Certification License you may request to add, change or remove products from you Certification.  Product fees are based on sliding scale linked to the volume of product items and the size of the organisation.


Single Proposal

The above may seem complicated but is a reflection of the complexity involved in Halal Certification at the level of an international standard.  AFIC Halal Authority will provide a full proposal that covers all of the above at the beginning of the engagement once we have sufficient information to assess your operations and requirements for your agreement prior to any work commencing.